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Finding Your Aliveness


In Bioenergetic Body Work we are always working towards finding the aliveness in the body. Being able to feel and express one’s feelings – the release of muscular tension and the stagnation of energy in the organism.


Our bodies hold the Key and the Memory of our True Self. We are born in a state of being deeply connected to our true essence or heavenly nature.  In life and childhood, we all experience stressful events and different levels of trauma and tension. It is the body’s natural response to protect itself with a defensive armor which inhibits the flow of energy, limiting the connection and expression of our emotions.  During the transformation process we rediscover our true nature and return to a place of belonging, connection, and aliveness.


Bioenergetics is a powerful body-based healing system. The techniques help to release muscle tension, stress and unexpressed emotions that have been stored in the body. During this body work we explore finding one's aliveness using safe therapeutic techniques such as movement, sound, and breathing. We work specifically with the energy flow of the body to soften and release the muscular tension and defenses that inhibit the expression of our real self.


When we connect to all parts of ourselves we find a natural pleasure and fulfillment in life. New ways can be found to grow to one’s full potential and be fully alive in the now. At this time of transformation it is essential that we wake up and fully embody our sacred identity. Old wounds can be healed and reconnections made to the mysteries of life.


Frank Hladky M.D. (1934-2012)

Photo courtesy of Isabel Carvalhal 


Bioenergetics in Wilmington, NC

Diane and Frank, 2007

Dr. Frank Hladky was Diane's long time teacher, mentor and friend. Throughout his profound involvement in bioenergetics, he taught us the importance of contact and borders, and helped so many people to work with their feelings from the inside out. 


The nature of his work was focused on helping people to find their aliveness. Through this work, we are able to rediscover our body's impulses and follow our true nature, allowing us to be fully alive and present in the now.


Click here to read a letter Dr. Hladky wrote which explains more deeply the basis of his work in Bioenergetics and truly what it is to "Find Your Aliveness." 




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