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Shan Ren Dao

(Path of The Real Person)


Based on traditional Confucian family values and the five elements of Chinese philosophy and medicine, this unique system of emotional healing provides the opportunity for individual exploration. This healing system is the science connection to emotion and disease.


Anger, blame, and anxiety are some of the core emotions, known for centuries in the wisdom teachings of Chinese Medicine to harm the body. They create toxic poisons that get trapped in the body leading to dysfunction at the physical and organ level. These same emotions and perceptions begin to drive our internal stress response – which many top researchers believe to be at the root of most disease and illness.


This system of “virtue healing” was developed by Wang Fengyi, a Manchurian peasant saint well known as an illuminated educator and healer in the early 20th century.  Wang Fengyi projected the timeless notion that the healing of the Heart is the most critical element in regaining one’s health. This healing system gives the individual an opportunity to explore letting go of the old patterns and beliefs, emptying the imbalanced part of the emotions, and bringing in the virtues.


The goal is simply to release the poisons and toxins and unveil the light.  The physical release can intensify, clarify and flush out your process through self examination. By clearing out the garbage, we heal physically, and we remove the clouds that keep us from expressing our natural inner warmth, love and spirit. The body is the medium for all of our experience. It is a reservoir of unconscious processes.  Our body takes the shape of our thoughts, feelings and mental commands, whether we are conscious of them or not.


This healing system is a transformational process intended to help in rediscovering our true Heavenly Nature and is yet another contributing way to “Empty the Cup.




"As heavenly nature starts coming to the surface the body expels toxins/poisons – This is the highest powerful healing."


--Master Liu


ShiBaoZhai Temple, Overlooks Yangtze River

China June, 2012

Manchurian peasant saint Wang Fengyi (1864-1937), visionary of vitrue healing system Shan Ren Dao, or 'The Path of the Real Person."

Yangtze River, China - June, 2012

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