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Integrative Healing - The Art of Letting Go


Over the course of Diane's career, she has had the opportunity to discover and explore many types of energetic work. Each is significant in its own way and has its own contribution to establishing a holistic and integrative approach to one's health. Although these systems are different and have varying objectives, they all have several common themes. Chinese Medicine, Bioenergetics, TRE and the 5 Element Emotional Healing System (Shan Ren Dao) all contribute to one’s understanding and experience about “The Art of Letting Go.” All of these systems help in different ways to promote awakening and transformation through the body.



The key is in remembering who we are, as we explore the journey of rediscovering our true nature. It is important in all dimensions of our health (physically, emotionally, mentally etc) that we take the necessary steps to 'Empty the Cup' – to let go of the toxic stress and stagnant qi that underlies dis-ease and illness.


Emptying The Cup consists of letting go of old patterns and stories that keep us trapped in negative thinking and beliefs. 


Using these mind-body healing systems, we are able to unwind the patterns of tension within, facilitating emotional healing through the body.  In doing so, we explore following the impulses in the body and begin the journey of healing and Finding Your Aliveness. It is through “The Art of Letting Go” that we may connect again with our Heavenly Nature and experience the Three Treasures (Essence/Jing, Vitality/Qi and Spirit/Shen).

"It is by going down into the abyss,

that we recover the Treasures of Life"

-- Joseph Campbell

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