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Chinese Medicine


While the acupuncturist’s needles remain the defining image for most people in the Western world, this represents only a fraction of the world’s oldest intact healing system. Chinese Medicine is a powerful pathway to living the life you truly want to live. Chinese Medicine is a timeless bridge that can facilitate and foster change and growth in any life state including physical, emotional, and spiritual.


The deep wisdom of Chinese Medicine enables individual health needs to be understood and addressed, empowering people to understand and connect to the mind, body and spirit – the foundation for lasting, authentic health.


Following a comprehensive evaluation which includes looking at the tongue and feeling the pulse, Diane will make a diagnosis based on the principles of Chinese Medicine. Your treatment will likely include a combination of acupuncture, hands on bodywork and a possible herbal formula. Some common Chinese Medicine treatment modalities include:

  • Acupuncture

  • Qi Gong

  • Herbal Formulas

ShiBaoZhai Temple, China - June, 2012

Medical Massage and Chinese Medicine Hospital

Beijing, China - 2012

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