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"The most beautiful and powerful characteristic of Diane´s work, is not just her wisdom, her freedom, her confidence in the body and life or her great capacity for connection and love...  it is even more than that. She is a magical presence that allows your most hidden places to appear, be seen and be healed. She helps you move through the most painful and difficult episodes in your history as a wonderful witness who is able to contain, guide and accompany with huge respect, accuracy and warmth in her heart. Working with Diane has been an amazing experience and a fundamental piece in the trip I have made to myself. Thank you Diane!"


--Carolina Marin, Bogota, Colombia



“Diane has a strong and caring energy, that allows you to connect deeply and do bioenergetic work in a completely safe environment. That is one of Diane’s most wonderful gifts: you know that, no matter how deep you go in your own work, she will be there to support and facilitate the journey with love and responsibility. Another amazing gift of Diane’s is her giving spirit, both vibrant and gentle. Working with Diane feels like coming to a welcoming and warm home."

--Sandra Ramos, Mexico    



"As a patient of Diane’s for over 15 years, it still amazes me how intuitive she is with my every health need.  My journey through major illness and recovery was with Diane beside me every step of the way.  I highly recommend her services and acupuncture for its health benefit and healing."

--Susan Lacy, Wilmington, NC



"Diane is a woman who has preserved intact her feminine essence, thanks to her many years of working on herself. That essence has a powerful transforming effect in the people that get close to her. Seeing her and feeling her becomes an inspiration for those of us who want to get wiser and beautiful while getting older."

--Pedro Rojas, Bogota, Colombia



"My 27 years of active duty as a United States Marine had left me with many ailments.  For the past 15 years, acupuncture treatments from Diane have kept me from further deterioration and, in my opinion, out of a nursing home.  Her treatments promote both physical and emotional health and well being. She is a true gem and her professional and compassionate care has allowed me to fully live and enjoy my life.  She truly embodies the spirit of Semper Fidelis."

--Frank M. Slovik, Wilmington, NC

                LtCol. USMC (Ret.)



“ ‘You will be back when you can't stand the pain any longer,’ spoke the surgeon 14 years ago while recommending C5/C6 neck fusion where nerve irritation  had me virtually disabled for months.  But, a friend said her name, Diane… Diane Gobrogge, Coastal Acupuncture, and my world changed.  I am now likely one of Diane's longest attending patients and my appointment stays on the books twice a month even after all these years. She got me through the pain back then but far more this gentle, spiritual and talented lady has led me along a peaceful pathway of overall body and mind therapy.  My health and my search have each been rewarded by the countless calm hours upon her table.  Yes, I avoided the knife but mostly I found a quiet place, a total healing place that competes for the best hours of the week or month. And a person in Diane who is in touch with the universe and its many forces including the 2000 year old practice of needles which she has mastered.  You should know her too.”


--Rusty Carter, Wilmington, NC



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