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Qi Gong is the art of developing Qi, or energy, for lasting health, vitality, longevity, and spiritual awakening.  When practicing at a high level of Qi Gong, one's mind, body and spirit become synchronized. This ancient marvel can be the key to your personal healing code as it captains the free flowing movement of energy through the invisible energy system, known as meridians.





Qi Gong

Shaolin Qigong Temple, Costa Rica


Qi Gong has the power to balance your being on all dimensions - harmonizing mind, body and spirit.  The continual practice of Qi Gong results in internal alchemy in the body and can cultivate the authentic manifestation of one's Three Treasures – Essence, Vitality and Spirit.

La Montana Azul, Costa Rica


“It is promised, when you remove all obstacles, open all channels completely to the flow of universal forces so that there is absolutely no resistance---then you become radiant.  You generate the most profound and highly refined inner-healing resource, Golden Elixir.  When you use this elixir effectively, you dissolve in Qi."


--Roger Jahnke, 'Promise of Qi'

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