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Herbal Formulas

For thousands of years, Chinese Medicine has relied on herbal formulas as a healing tool.  Over time, the essential nutrients and properties of literally thousands of herbs have been identified on how they interact with the mind, body and spirit. Many types of earthly materials, including ones that aren’t purely plant based, can have a significant impact on the energy system of the human body.


Following the holistic philosophy of Chinese Medicine, herbs are used in combination to create an herbal formula that is matched to the specific needs of the patient.

Wood sculpture of Li Shizhen (1518-1593) - Beijing, China, 2012


Born in the Ming Dynasty, Li Shizhen was a great physician and naturalist who is well-renowned for his devotion to medicinal herbs. His greatest medical work, Material Medica, has been translated into several versions. Over 400 years later, he remains highly praised for his contributions to the development and utilization of herbal formulas in the healing process.

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